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Research using PolySciTech product: CB004


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Allen, Riley P., Amir Bolandparvaz, Jeffrey A. Ma, Vishal A. Manickam, and Jamal S. Lewis. "Latent, Immunosuppressive Nature of Poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) Microparticles". ACS biomaterials science & engineering 4, no. 3 (2018): 900-918
Product Used: CB001, CB003, CB004, CB005, CB008
Product Usage: Microparticle

Dawud, Hala, and Aiman Abu Ammar. . "Rapidly dissolving microneedles for the delivery of steroid-loaded nanoparticles intended for the treatment of inflammatory skin disease". Pharmaceutics 15, no. 2 (2023): 526
Product Used: CB004
Product Usage: Nanoparticle Shell

Haghighat Bayan, Mohammad Ali, Yasmin Juliane Dias, Chiara Rinoldi, Paweł Nakielski, Daniel Rybak, Yen B. Truong, Alexander L. Yarin, and Filippo Pierini. "Near‐infrared light activated core‐shell electrospun nanofibers decorated with photoactive plasmonic nanoparticles for on‐demand smart drug delivery applications". Journal of Polymer Science 61, no. 7 (2023): 521-533.
Product Used: CB004
Product Usage: Nanoparticle Shell

Proshin, Pavel I., Arkady S. Abdurashitov, Olga A. Sindeeva, Anastasia A. Ivanova, and Gleb B. Sukhorukov. . "Additive Manufacturing of Drug-Eluting Multilayer Biodegradable Films". Polymers 14, no. 20 (2022): 4318
Product Used: CB004


Abu-Much, Arsalan, Raya Darawshi, Hala Dawud, Haytam Kasem, and Aiman Abu Ammar. "Preparation and characterization of flexible furosemide-loaded biodegradable microneedles for intradermal drug delivery". Biomaterials Science 10, no. 22 (2022): 6486-6499.
Product Used: CB004

Brito-Pereira, Ricardo, Clarisse Ribeiro, Senentxu Lanceros-Méndez, and Vanessa Fernandes Cardoso. "Biodegradable polymer-based microfluidic membranes for sustainable point-of-care devices". Chemical Engineering Journal 448 (2022): 137639.
Product Used: CB004

Jiang, Xiping, Yunfan Kong, Mitchell Kuss, Joel Weisenburger, Hani Haider, Robert Harms, Wen Shi et al. . "3D bioprinting of multilayered scaffolds with spatially differentiated ADMSCs for rotator cuff tendon-to-bone interface regeneration". Applied Materials Today 27 (2022): 101510.
Product Used: CB004
Product Usage: Cell-Scaffold

Pinelo, Manuel, Jakub Zdarta, Sigyn Björk Sigurdardóttir, and Katarzyna Jankowska. "Co-Immobilization and Compartmentalization of Cholesterol Oxidase, Glucose Oxidase and Horseradish Peroxidase for Improved Thermal and H2o2 Stability". SSRN 2022
Product Used: CB004

Sırek, Büşra, Ezgi Kaya, Buse Sari, Emel Bakay, Nermin Topaloğlu, and Didem ŞEn Karaman. "Production of a Multifunctional PLGA Wound Dressings Containing Abietic Acid and Chlorin e6". Medical Technologies Congress (TIPTEKNO) pp. 1-4. IEEE, 2022.
Product Used: CB004
Product Usage: Cell-Scaffold


Allen, Riley, Emilie Ivtchenko, Bhasirie Thuamsang, Rapeepat Sangsuwan, and Jamal S. Lewis. . "Polymer-loaded hydrogels serve as depots for lactate and mimic “cold” tumor microenvironments". Biomaterials science 8, no. 21 (2020): 6056-6068.
Product Used: CB004, CB001, CB008
Product Usage: Depot Implant


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