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Research using PolySciTech product: AP159


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Distaso, Marco A., Tatyana N. Chernikova, Rafael Bargiela, Cristina Coscoln, Peter J. Stogios, Jose L. Gonzalez, Sofia Lemak et al. "Thermophilic carboxylesterases from hydrothermal vents of the volcanic island of Ischia active on synthetic and biobased polymers and mycotoxins". bioRxiv (2022).
Product Used: AP159, AP128
Product Usage: Substrate


Hajighasemi, Mahbod, Boguslaw P. Nocek, Anatoli Tchigvintsev, Greg Brown, Robert Flick, Xiaohui Xu, Hong Cui et al. "Biochemical and structural insights into enzymatic depolymerization of polylactic acid and other polyesters by microbial carboxylesterases". Biomacromolecules
Product Used: AP157, AP159, AP171,
Product Usage: Control/Comparison


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