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Research using PolySciTech product: AP087


Uses Products

Meyer, Randall A., Mohit Matthew, Joel C. Sunshine, Ron B. Shmueli, Jordan J. Green, and Kevin Yarema. "Biomimetic artificial cells: anisotropic supported lipid bilayers on biodegradable micro and nanoparticles for spatially dynamic surface biomolecule presentation". U.S. Patent Application 15/561,879
Product Used: AP087
Product Usage: Structural

Meyer, Randall A., Mohit P. Mathew, Elana Ben-Akiva, Joel C. Sunshine, Ron B. Shmueli, Qiuyin Ren, Kevin J. Yarema, and Jordan J. Green. "Anisotropic Biodegradable Lipid Coated Particles for Spatially Dynamic Protein Presentation". Acta Biomaterialia (2018)
Product Used: AP087
Product Usage: Nanoparticle Shell

Mohammadi, Maziar, Kisha Patel, Seyedeh P. Alaie, Ron B. Shmueli, Cagri G. Besirli, Ronald G. Larson, and Jordan J. Green. "Injectable drug depot engineered to release multiple ophthalmic therapeutic agents with precise time profiles for postoperative treatment following ocular surgery". Acta biomaterialia (2018)
Product Used: AK012, AK091, AK108, AK109, AP087, AP043, AP018
Product Usage: Thermogel

Zhang, Maofan, C. Tilden Hagan, Yuangzeng Min, Hayley Foley, Xi Tian, Feifei Yang, Yu Mi et al. "Nanoparticle co-delivery of wortmannin and cisplatin synergistically enhances chemoradiotherapy and reverses platinum resistance in ovarian cancer models". Biomaterials 2018
Product Used: AK029, AP087
Product Usage: Nanoparticle Shell


Lance L. Gooberman. "Degradable networks for sustained release and controlled release depot drug delivery applications ". USPTO United States Patent Application 20170281536
Product Used: AP001, AP003, AP004, AP006, AP007, AP008, AP017, AP018, AP020, AP024, AP035, AP043, AP047, AP049, AP050, AP054, AP063, AP065, AP072, AP079, AP085, AP087, AP097, AP098, AP099, AP100, AP106, AP114, AP119, AP121, AP122, AP128
Product Usage: Coating


Wen, He, and S. Kevin Li. "Characterization of silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive episcleral implant for drug delivery". Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy 0 (2015) 1-9
Product Used: AP087
Product Usage: Structural


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