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Research using PolySciTech product: AP047


Uses Products

Tomšů, Júlia. "Interactions of skin and stem cells with polymer nanofibres for construction of skin substitutes". PhD Dissertation, Charles University (2022).
Product Used: AP047
Product Usage: Cell-Scaffold


Lipp, Lindsey, Divya Sharma, Amrita Banerjee, and Jagdish Singh. "In Vitro and in Vivo Optimization of Phase Sensitive Smart Polymer for Controlled Delivery of Rivastigmine for Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease". Pharmaceutical Research 37, no. 3 (2020): 34
Product Used: AP047
Product Usage: Depot Implant

Ong, William, Nicolas Marinval, Junquan Lin, Mui Hoon Nai, Yee‐Song Chong, Coline Pinese, Sreedharan Sajikumar et al. "Biomimicking Fiber Platform with Tunable Stiffness to Study Mechanotransduction Reveals Stiffness Enhances Oligodendrocyte Differentiation but Impedes Myelination through YAP‐Dependent Regulation". Small (2020): 2003656.
Product Used: AP257, AP260, AP047, AP114
Product Usage: Cell-Scaffold


Bacakova, Marketa, Julia Pajorova, Antonin Broz, Daniel Hadraba, Frantisek Lopot, Anna Zavadakova, Lucie Vistejnova et al. "A two-layer skin construct consisting of a collagen hydrogel reinforced by a fibrin-coated polylactide nanofibrous membrane". International Journal of Nanomedicine 14 (2019): 5033
Product Used: AP047
Product Usage: Cell-Scaffold

Lipp, Lindsey Dawn. "Evaluation of Smart Polymers for Controlled Release Delivery Systems". PhD diss., North Dakota State University 2019
Product Used: AP047
Product Usage: Depot Implant


Hajighasemi, Mahbod, Anatoli Tchigvintsev, Boguslaw P. Nocek, Robert Flick, Ana Popovic, Tran Hai, Anna N. Khusnutdinova et al.. "Screening and characterization of novel polyesterases from environmental metagenomes with high hydrolytic activity against synthetic polyesters". Environmental Science & Technology (2018)
Product Used: AP005, AP004, AP047
Product Usage: Substrate


Lance L. Gooberman. "Degradable networks for sustained release and controlled release depot drug delivery applications ". USPTO United States Patent Application 20170281536
Product Used: AP001, AP003, AP004, AP006, AP007, AP008, AP017, AP018, AP020, AP024, AP035, AP043, AP047, AP049, AP050, AP054, AP063, AP065, AP072, AP079, AP085, AP087, AP097, AP098, AP099, AP100, AP106, AP114, AP119, AP121, AP122, AP128
Product Usage: Coating

Yang, Jian. "Methods of Promoting Bone Growth and Healing". US Patent Office U.S. Patent 20170080125, issued March 23, 201
Product Used: AP047
Product Usage: Cell-Scaffold


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