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Research using PolySciTech product: AK109


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Agarwal, Prashant, Daniel G. Greene, Scott Sherman, Kaitlyn Wendl, Leonela Vega, Hyunsoo Park, Roman Shimanovich, and Darren L. Reid. "Structural characterization and developability assessment of sustained release hydrogels for rapid implementation during preclinical studies". European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2020): 105689
Product Used: AK097, AK109
Product Usage: Thermogel

Sharma, Divya, Faraj Atassi, Steve Cook, Stacey Marden, Jianyan Wang, Aixiang Xue, David J. Wagner, Guangnong Zhang, and Wenzhan Yang. "Experimental Design, Development and Evaluation of Extended Release Subcutaneous Thermo-responsive In situ Gels for Small Molecules in Drug Discovery". Pharmaceutical Development and Technology (2021): 1-35.
Product Used: AK019, AK024, AK109
Product Usage: Thermogel


Mohammadi, Maziar, Kisha Patel, Seyedeh P. Alaie, Ron B. Shmueli, Cagri G. Besirli, Ronald G. Larson, and Jordan J. Green. "Injectable drug depot engineered to release multiple ophthalmic therapeutic agents with precise time profiles for postoperative treatment following ocular surgery". Acta biomaterialia (2018)
Product Used: AK012, AK091, AK108, AK109, AP087, AP043, AP018
Product Usage: Thermogel

Sue Duran . "Anti-protozoal compounds and uses thereof". US Patent US20180326072A1
Product Used: AK012, AK024, AK036, AK088, AK097, AK100, AK109
Product Usage: Thermogel


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