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Research using PolySciTech product: AK019


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Kim, Seo Yeon, Min Jeong Jo, Moon Sup Yoon, Chae Eun Jin, Yu Been Shin, Jae Min Lee, Hee Ji Shin et al. "Gemcitabine and rapamycin-loaded mixed polymeric thermogel for metastatic pancreatic cancer therapy". Journal of Controlled Release 360 (2023): 796-809.
Product Used: AK012, AK019
Product Usage: Thermogel

Rahman, Sadia, Tasmima N. Haque, Vrashabh V. Sugandhi, Aishwarya L. Saraswat, Xiaoban Xin, and Hyunah Cho. "Topical Cream Carrying Drug-Loaded Nanogels for Melanoma Treatment". Pharmaceutical Research (2023): 1-11
Product Used: AK012, AK019
Product Usage: Thermogel


Sharma, Divya, Faraj Atassi, Steve Cook, Stacey Marden, Jianyan Wang, Aixiang Xue, David J. Wagner, Guangnong Zhang, and Wenzhan Yang. "Experimental Design, Development and Evaluation of Extended Release Subcutaneous Thermo-responsive In situ Gels for Small Molecules in Drug Discovery". Pharmaceutical Development and Technology (2021): 1-35.
Product Used: AK019, AK024, AK109
Product Usage: Thermogel


Byrne, Mark E., Mindy George-weinstein, and Laura L. Osorno. "Optically Clear, in-situ Forming Biodegradable Nano-Carriers For Ocular Therapy, and Methods Using Same". U.S. Patent Application 16/498,689, filed February 6, 2020
Product Used: AK097, AK019, AK012, AK024, AK088
Product Usage: Thermogel


Duran, Sue H., Allison Stewart, William R. Ravis, Eva Abarca-piedrafita, Rosemary Cuming, and Mariono Mora Pereira. "Sustained-release voriconazole-containing thermogel and uses thereof". U.S. Patent Application 16/117,443, filed February 28, 2019
Product Used: AK019, AK012, AK024
Product Usage: Thermogel

Mora Pereira, Mariano. "Sustained-Release Voriconazole-Thermogel for Subconjunctival Injection in Horses: Ocular Toxicity and in-vivo Studies". Thesis Auburn University 2017
Product Used: AK012, AK019, AK024
Product Usage: Thermogel


Cuming, Rosemary S., Eva M. Abarca, Sue Duran, Anne A. Wooldridge, Allison J. Stewart, William Ravis, R. Jayachandra Babu, Yuh-Jing Lin, and Terri Hathcock. "Development of a Sustained-Release Voriconazole-Containing Thermogel for Subconjunctival Injection in Horses Subconjunctival Voriconazole-Thermogel". Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 58, no. 5 (2017): 2746-2754
Product Used: AK024, AK019
Product Usage: Thermogel


Cuifen Wang, Eric Blough, Ravikumar Arvapalli, Omolola Olajide, Henry Driscoll, Maali Milhem, Shahed Elhamdani, Nicole Winston, William E. Triest , and Miaozong Wu. "AK12/AK19 PLGA-PEG-PLGA Triblock Polymer: Thermo-Gelation Properties and in vivo Biocompatibility". Jacobs Journal of Molecular and Translational Medicine
Product Used: AK012, AK019
Product Usage: Thermogel


Cho, Hyunah, and Glen S. Kwon. "Thermosensitive poly-(d, l-lactide-co-glycolide)-block-poly (ethylene glycol)-block-poly-(d, l-lactide-co-glycolide) hydrogels for multi-drug delivery". Journal of Drug Targeting 0 (2014): 1-9
Product Used: AK012, AK019, AK088
Product Usage: Thermogel


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