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Research using PolySciTech product: AK016


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Li, Haitao, Xin Wang, Xiaonan Guo, Qingkun Wan, Yunfei Teng, and Jianyong Liu. "Development of rapamycin-encapsulated exosome-mimetic nanoparticles-in-PLGA microspheres for treatment of hemangiomas". Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 148 (2022): 112737
Product Used: AK016
Product Usage: Nanoparticle Shell


Guo, Xiaonan, Changxian Dong, Qiuyu Liu, Xiaoshuang Zhu, Song Zuo, and Hongyu Zhang. "The sustained and targeted treatment of hemangiomas by propranolol-loaded CD133 aptamers conjugated liposomes-in-microspheres.". Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 114 (2019): 108823.
Product Used: AK016
Product Usage: Microparticle


Guo, Xiaonan, Xiaoshuang Zhu, Dakan Liu, Yubin Gong, Jing Sun, and Changxian Dong. "Continuous delivery of propranolol from liposomes-in-microspheres significantly inhibits infantile hemangioma growth". International Journal of Nanomedicine 12 (2017): 6923
Product Used: AK016
Product Usage: Microparticle

Zhu, Xiaoshuang, Xiaonan Guo, Dakan Liu, Yubin Gong, Jin Sun, and Changxian Dong. "Significant inhibition of infantile hemangioma growth by sustained delivery of urea from liposomes-in-microspheres". Oncology Reports 39, no. 1 (2018): 109-118
Product Used: AK016
Product Usage: Microparticle


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