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Research using PolySciTech product: AI171


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Van Hees, Sofie, Kimberley Elbrink, Marjorie De Schryver, Peter Delputte, and Filip Kiekens. "Targeting of sialoadhesin-expressing macrophages through antibody-conjugated (polyethylene glycol) poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles". Journal of Nanoparticle Research 24, no. 3 (2022): 1-13
Product Used: AI171
Product Usage: Decorated Nanoparticle Shell


Huang, Po‐Hsun, Shuaiguo Zhao, Hunter Bachman, Nitesh Nama, Zhishang Li, Chuyi Chen, Shujie Yang, Mengxi Wu, Steven Peiran Zhang, and Tony Jun Huang. "Acoustofluidic Synthesis of Particulate Nanomaterials.". Advanced Science (2019): 1900913.
Product Used: AI056, AI076, AI078, AI171
Product Usage: Nanoparticle Shell


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