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Research using PolySciTech product: AI010


Uses Products

Dragulska, Sylwia A., Mina Poursharifi, Ying Chen, Marek T. Wlodarczyk, Maxier Acosta Santiago, Peter Dottino, John A. Martignetti, and Aneta J. Mieszawska. "Engineering and Validation of a Peptide-Stabilized Poly (lactic-co-glycolic) Acid Nanoparticle for Targeted Delivery of a Vascular Disruptive Agent in Cancer Therapy". Bioconjugate Chemistry (2022).
Product Used: AI010
Product Usage: Decorated Nanoparticle Shell


Marek T. Wlodarczyk . "Enhanced Platinum (II) Drug Delivery for Anti-cancer Therapy". PhD Dissertation City University of New York 2021
Product Used: AI010
Product Usage: Nanoparticle Shell


Chaplin, Alice, Huiyun Gao, Courteney Asase, Palanivel Rengasamy, Bongsoo Park, Danielle Skander, Gürkan Bebek, Sanjay Rajagopalan, and Andrei Maiseyeu. "Systemically-delivered biodegradable PLGA alters gut microbiota and induces transcriptomic reprogramming in the liver in an obesity mouse model". Scientific Reports 10, no. 1 (2020): 1-16
Product Used: AI010
Product Usage: Nanoparticle Shell


Park, Jun Young, Sanghyo Park, Tae Sup Lee, Yong Hwa Hwang, Jung Young Kim, Won Jun Kang, and Jaehong Key. "Biodegradable micro-sized discoidal polymeric particles for lung-targeted delivery system". Biomaterials 2019: 119331.
Product Used: AI010
Product Usage: Microparticle


Deng, Meng, Chunhui Jiang, Liangju Kuang, and Shihuan Kuang. "Polymer-based therapeutics for inductive browning of fat". U.S. Patent Application 15/771,312, filed November 15, 2018
Product Used: AI010
Product Usage: Nanoparticle Shell

Meenakshi Malhotra, Thillai Veerapazham Sekar, Jeyarama S. Ananta, Rammohan Devulapally, Rayhaneh Afjei, Husam A. Babikir, Ramasamy Paulmurugan, and Tarik F. Massoud. "Targeted nanoparticle delivery of therapeutic antisense microRNAs presensitizes glioblastoma cells to lower effective doses of temozolomide in vitro and in a mouse model". Oncotarget 2018; 9:21478-21494.
Product Used: AK071, AI010
Product Usage: Nanoparticle Shell


Park, Ju-Hwan, Jae-Young Lee, Ubonvan Termsarasab, In-Soo Yoon, Seung-Hak Ko, Jae-Seong Shim, Hyun-Jong Cho, and Dae-Duk Kim. "Development of poly (lactic-co-glycolic) acid nanoparticles-embedded hyaluronic acid–ceramide-based nanostructure for tumor-targeted drug delivery". International Journal of Pharmaceutics 2014
Product Used: AI010, AP082
Product Usage: Decorated Nanoparticle Shell


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